Welcome mama to Gently Leading; a blog about parenting, particularly mommying, with a Biblical perspective. I am so glad you are here.

This blog was born out of my genuine love for Jesus and other mama’s, navigating parenting right along with me. My desire for any mama reading this site is a honest growth in love for God, His Word (The Bible), and to grow in our mommying from the Bible.

Hopefully as you read here, you will be encouraged to see parenting as God given and the opportunity to raise your little arrows to be shot out into Enemy territory. To grow our understanding on how much we need God and His Good News every single day. Not just a one time transformation but a life long journey to love Him more and reflect Him more and more, especially at home with our littles. And ultimately, to remind us, as mothers, we are not God, He is. To abide in Him and be in awe of Him. That growth would be enough for me. I pray that would be enough for you too, mama.