Welcome mama to Gently Leading; a blog about parenting, particularly mommying, with a Biblical perspective. I am so glad you are here.

This blog was born out of my genuine love for Jesus and other mama’s, navigating parenting right along with me. My desire for any mama reading this site is a honest growth in love for God, His Word (The Bible), and to grow in our mommying from the Biblical text we are reading/studying. This site will be expository in nature from the Bible with some personal narrative sprinkled in. I will choose a book of the Bible and read/study my way through it and, Lord willing, highlight my conviction and the application towards parenting with each post. The format of each blog will seek to answer three questions only:

  1. What do I/we learn about God from the text?
  2. How does this text apply to me/us?
  3. How does/can this text change me/us as a mother?

These questions are from/adapted from Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin. Please, please buy her book Women of the Word and read it. It is an easy and quick read that you will not regret. It is all about how to enter into The Word to study, learn, and love God with not only our hearts but our minds.

Hopefully as you read here, you will be encouraged to enter into the Bible yourself. My goal with each post is not to be swayed to the left or to the right with my personal opinions but an honest study of the Word of God and what each particular text says about Him and what my response should be. And maybe the text will not make a perfect transition into motherhood but will teach us, again, of our God and is that not enough? To remind us, as mothers, that we are not God, He is. And to abide in Him and be in awe of Him. That would be enough for me. I pray that would be enough for you too, friend.